Chicago Family Health Center LEED Silver

Chicago Family Health Center

Chicago, USA
LEED Silver
Project: Chicago Family Health Center
Description: Health Center
Area: 40,000 sq. ft
Service: LEED Construction Management
Type Certification: LEED Core & Shell
In partnership with Bulley & Andrews Construction, SUMAC
constructed this new neighborhood health care facility for the
Chicago Family Health Center on the South side of Chicago.
The new building features 23,000 square feet of space, 23
exam rooms, two behavior health consultation rooms, 9 dental
operatories and separate space to hold therapy and educational
sessions. The project was awarded LEED silver certification
with SUMAC providing the LEED consulting for the construction
phase of the project. SUMAC also assisted Bulley &
Andrews in locating, qualifying and tracking the MBE/WBE
participation to exceed the goal of 25% MBE participation and
5% WBE participation.