Quito Publishing House

Quito, Ecuador

Type: Office buildings

Area: 7,589 m² // 81,687 sqft.


Savings in energy consumption


Savings in water consumption


Material with recycled content

LEED® Gold

SUMAC supervised the sustainability and eco-efficiency criteria of the building, including the consultancy on energy efficiency in the architecture and design part, as well as the energy modeling, commissioning and supervision during the construction and installation stage of the starter equipment and energy consumption.

The project "Quito Publishing House" is a six-story building, which was designed and built under criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency, becoming one of the most eco-efficient buildings in Quito. One of the characteristics of the building is the large structure that stands out in its two main facades that are part of the architecture of the project and at the same time have an important function in the theme of the building's sunlight, taking into account its location, latitude and altitude. Also with the intention of not using potable water for irrigation, the building includes a rainwater harvesting system and irrigation water collection by means of two independent downspouts that direct the water to two reservoirs.